The CPD Portal

Welcome to the Pharma Dynamics online Continued Professional Development (CPD) web portal. As a healthcare practitioner, this site offers you the opportunity to earn ethics as well as clinical CPD points. Our CPD articles cover current cardiovascular (CVS), Neuroscience (NSc), and Critical Care topics in SMARTDOC issues. SmartPharm issues are intended for Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants.

You may access current as well as previous issues on our CPD portal. Upon completion of the online questionnaires, you may submit your answers for immediate evaluation. Your CPD certificate will be sent to you via email and a second copy will be stored on the portal under your login.

Our new TRACTO App has been designed to assist parents and teachers to monitor children and adolescents with ADHD. To access the App, scan the QR code in the TRACTO tab and download onto your mobile device, prior to sharing with parents.

You may also access information on our product portfolio by going into the New or existing product tabs. For further information, contact one of our representatives in your area.


Who we are

Headquartered in Cape Town (South Africa), PHARMA DYNAMICS is one of the most trusted names in generic pharmaceuticals among healthcare practitioners and patients alike.

Our cardiovascular (CVS) products continue to be the most prescribed portfolio for heart related conditions in the country, which bears testament to our passion for quality and the efficacy of our products - all of which are designed around the needs of millions of Southern Africans.

In addition to our leading CVS portfolio, we also provide Neuroscience and pain products. We furthermore specialise in critical hospital products, such as antibiotics used in intensive care settings, as well as male and female speciality healthcare portfolios, all of which are prescribed and recommended by thousands of doctors and pharmacists. Our growing range of over-the-counter products, include top brands in the cold and flu, allergy, heartburn and immune booster categories.

Managing and treating chronic conditions requires more than just medication. Visit to view all our patient support and lifestyle change programmes to assist your patient in managing their conditions.

This website provides online questionnaires for doctors and healthcare practitioners requiring CPD points & certificates for the following healthcare areas:

  • Mental Health CPD points
  • Cardiovascular CPD points
  • Ethics CPD points
  • Central Nervous System CPD points
  • General Healthcare CPD points